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Here’s a fun fact. Three in five millennials have exactly $0 invested in the stock market. The irony is that starting young can be the number one, hands down, best strategy for earning big later. So why haven't you learned how?
1. It’s entirely neglected in our education system
2. It's a lot of jargon and painfully dry
3. It’s not clear where to start
The Crash Course
This is where you start.
The Crash Course is for anyone who has years of investing ahead of them and no experience behind them. We spent thousands of hours wading through the literature (and a lot of Internet videos) so you don't have to.
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Here's What Our Readers Are Saying
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"This is the internet's most entertaining crash course on investing."
— The Hustle
"I have often felt in the dark about personal finance and its opaqueness. Thank you for creating this content as that first starting point, without bias or a sinister marketing scheme. It has helped bring clarity and more than that, confidence, in what are some seemingly rudimentary but massive steps. Thank you. This is the good stuff."
— Josh M.
“Big Later answered all of the questions I had about investing! As a person who did not receive much financial advice from parents or school, this course was exactly what I needed, and I would recommend to any young person who is ready to start their savings journey. "
— Madeline
"Best crash course on investing around. I love the daily, digestible email format and found myself laughing while reading almost every single one."
— Alex
"Super helpful, concise, and straightforward. Despite all the joking around (which I LOOOOVED!) the lessons get straight to the point and teach you all the basics in perfectly sized, easy to understand little lessons."
— Yazmin
Simple, easy-to-understand explanations wrapped in a fun & playful delivery. Very pleased with the content & overall information
— Samantha
Amazing content, extremely helpful and tailored for both beginners and people with some prior knowledge who need a nice summary of how investing works without the fancy terms.
— Liz
Super helpful, easy to understand and straightforward. What they should be teaching kids in schools.
— Michael
Simple and fun way of getting the basics of financial literacy under your belt. If you don't know anything or just know bits and pieces, this is a great way to get you focused and on track to investing your money wisely.
— Mohammed
“5 stars! This is genuine yummy money honey for scrummy money dummies.”
— Ok, this one was us