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Here’s a fun fact. Three in five millennials have exactly $0 invested in the stock market. The irony is that starting young can be the number one, hands down, best strategy for earning big later. So why haven't you learned how?
1. It’s entirely neglected in our education system
2. It's a lot of jargon and painfully dry
3. It’s not clear where to start
The Crash Course
This is where you start.
The Crash Course is for anyone in the U.S., Canada, UK, or Australia who has years of investing ahead of them and no experience behind them. We spent thousands of hours wading through the literature (and a lot of Internet videos) so you don't have to.
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Time To Knock Investing Off Its Crusty Ol' Pedestal
We’re standard issue people who think it's insane that learning about the stock market is so convoluted. By creating an experience that is fun, smart, simple, and easy, we can set people up with the basic skills in about a month.

A few more important details:
1. We aren’t money grubbers (*cough* $5 cost *cough*)
2. We will engage with you every step of the way
3. We care. A lot. Like “start a company” a lot.
Here's What Our Readers Are Saying
We saved a few of the gems.
“The price of a latte to understand something I’ve been meaning to learn about and in a condensed format with actual steps of action!! "
— Chayse
"I love it! Super helpful, easily digestible, honestly laughed quite a bit. I also opened up my first Roth IRA and Brokerage accounts (hooray future! lol)”
— Arielle
“It got me across the line to start auto-depositing money to invest which is about the most difficult hurdle you can possibly have, considering I'm the worst person with money that I know.”
— Robert
“5 stars! This is genuine yummy money honey for scrummy money dummies.”
— Ok, this one was us
Investing Is Serious. Learning Doesn't Have To Be.
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